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Barkly Street Rutherglen VIC 3685


New visitors are constantly astounded when they do make the effort to visit us  as we have an incredible line up of reasonably priced red, white and fortified wines.  Those who know us better are reassured that value for money is still very much the norm at Chambers.

This is a very relaxed family owned winery established in 1858 currently operated by Stephen Chambers supported by his father the legendary Bill Chambers. Stephen is the 6th generation of this family to make wine at Rosewood.

Internationally acclaimed for our Muscat, Muscadelle (Tokay) and other fortified wines, we have a comprehensive range of wines to suit every palate and budget ranging from 375ml to 2 litre flagons and bulk wines on offer.

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Reviews & Accolades


Decanter World Wine Awards 2021

Wine  & Spirits Magazine—Top 100 Wineries—World    2020 (US)

Among only 4 Australian Wineries included in the Top 100

James Halliday - Halliday Wine Companion

"Chambers' Rare Muscat and rare Muscadelle (or Topaque or Tokay, what's in a name?) are the greatest of all in the fermament, the other wines in the hierarchy also magnificent. Stephen Chambers comes into the role as winemaker, the sixth generation of the Chambers family, but father Bill, with his startling blue eyes, is seldom far away....."

James Halliday's Top 100 Australian Wineries

"While this winery can only boast six generations of the Chambers family as owner/winemakers, history oozes out of every corner or the humble corrugated iron winery....."

"The lack of pretension is accompanied by fierce independence of spirit and mind."

Langton's Classification of Australian Wine 30th Anniversary Edition

"Excellent" - Rare Muscadelle and Rare Muscat.

".....Chambers Rosewood Rare Muscadelle......is one of Australia's greatest fortified wines."

"The treasured Chambers Rosewood Rare Muscat is based on a fractional blending system that dates back to the 1890's, giving the wine rarity and individuality."

Tyson Stelzer - Multi-award winning wine writer, TV host and producer, author of 16 wine books, international speaker

"In this cellar, theses barrels sit as a living museum to Australia's wine history"

".....the tale of 128 summer's and 128 winter's, this is the aroma of barrel maturation, from an Estate that began it's life in 1858."

"...living wines that you can taste and purchase"

Matthew Jukes

100 Best Australian Wines 2018/19 Rutherglen Muscat 2018/19

"There are very few wines in the world that are truly iconic, fairly priced and score as highly as this one does in my notes.....Suffice to say that Chambers Rosewood makes legendary Muscat......I hope that some of the molecules never leave my body because it is a magical elixer."

Robert Parker Jr

"nothing less than national treasures" and "some of the world's most remarkable dessert wines"

Trip Advisor - Certificate of Excellence

"Been coming here for over 35 years and it never fails. Good wine, great muscat and just a down to earth no frills winery"

"Just the best place. Chambers is an iconic Australian winery. We’ve been coming here for more years than I’m happy to nominate. There’s heaps of wines to taste. They are so generous here with unlimited serve yourself whites, reds and fortifieds. There’s lots to try and you have self regulated access to all but the most expensive wines. It’s so much fun particularly as the on duty staff are usually such lovely people. You can’t fail to enjoy the experience. The fortifieds are the highlight but there’s always a fun white or red here including, if you’re lucky, a sparkling Shiraz. We always leave with heaps of wine. Chambers has resisted all the fancy wine industry trends over the years. May it always be so."

"Chambers is an old, comfortable and honest winery, making some of the finest vintages Rutherglen and in fact, Australia, has to offer. You will find reds, whites and blends here not produced by others in the area, so a visit is a must on your tasting schedule. Try their Shiraz/Blue Imperial blend and tasty Gouais white. Of course, the world famous Chambers fortified wines are there, including the fine muscats, muscadelle and ports. Tastings are generous for the serious wine lover and the friendly staff spend as much time as you need to learn about the wine. There's no glitz at this cellar door, but plenty of quality and top value. I am pleased to visit here every time we are in this fantastic wine region."

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